Resurrected Posts


This page contains as much post material as I’ve been able to recover from eons past, before this blog got trashed by the Internet Gods and before it was resurrected in June 2012.

We were able to recover some portions of it, which are posted here. The really good introductory posts are lost. But the essential information is covered on this site.

In the original manifestation of this blog, this was one of the first graphics I used to illustrate one of my main points, which is that if a marketer works with an established business, rather than trying to start his own business from scratch, he can eliminate a ton of work that goes into being an entrepreneur.

And start making just as much money, or more, only faster.

The original graphic (before I hacked it up) came from Rich Schefren’s free ebook, the Internet Marketing Manifesto.

Essentially, my point is that if you’re an Internet marketer who’s exhausted and bitter, why not try working with a real business? That way you don’t have to worry about all the stuff that’s been X-ed out above, because the actual business owner is the one who takes care of that stuff (or should be). What YOU (assuming you are a web marketer) should be focused on, is the stuff that’s circled in blue – the stuff that you probably already know inside and out.

Wouldn’t that make your life a whole lot simpler?

One of the GYPO autoresponders:

The web site was originally designed to attract small business owners to work with me personally.

But it quickly evolved into a site that serves three purposes …

  1. attract small businesses to work with me 1-on-1
  2. show small businesses the do-it-yourself way to working with an experienced marketer to expand
    their business onto the Internet
  3. show over-educated, under-successful Internet marketers how to partner up with existing,
    successful businesses – instead of continuing to try to “build their own empire”


If you are here for REASON #1, simply email or phone
me at (705) 749 2225 and we’ll chat about whether we
can partner up.


If you are here for REASON #2, stick around, join our “Blog Post Update” list (it’s not the same as this list!):

and browse the blog posts and be on the lookout for more detailed and thorough videos, reports and articles coming in the near future. Whatever you do, don’t expect that just getting a web site will bring you online sales.


If you are here for REASON #3 …

The gist is, if you’ve been spending years and years studying online marketing and you know all about autoresponders, blogs, video marketing, launches, site design, product and offer selection, niches, and on and on, BUT you’re still not successful, then I suggest that MAYBE you should team up with someone else who already has a small business or professional practice.

Working with a small business changes the dynamic from “unsuccessful lone empire builder” to “team player”.

For most humans, that’s actually a better psychological place to be, and I think it’s apt to make you more successful from here on.

If you want to work with a small business or professional practice, and want mentoring, look no further. I am here to help. Let’s chat about it.

What follows below is the original home page from the web site …

Are YOU selling a high-profit-margin product or
service? Do you have the capacity and desire to handle
increased sales? If so, please continue reading.

* * * * *

What we will do for you …

  • create and manage all the online advertising and marketing
  • build a simple web site for you, or ask you to make small additions or changes to your existing site
  • target specific geographic region(s), if needed
  • we are paid only based on a % of your increased business; your only expense will be advertising – we can begin testing for as little as $100
  • find people who are searching right now for what you sell
  • find your market’s “online hang-outs” and advertise there
  • use our 12 years of experience to convert prospects to buyers

* * * * *

Even most businesses that DO have web sites, do NOT have a systematic selling process in place. Just having a web site with product information, contact information, pricing etc. is not nearly enough!

* * * * *

I can’t help you sell …

- any network marketing product or service,

- anything that is already over-marketed online,

- anything with a low average sale price and/or low profit margin.

* * * * *

My experience:

- got a stock trading course creator online in 1998, worked with
him (strategy, marketing, advertising, followup, etc.) until he
was grossing over $1 million/yr

- worked with a successful Florida commodities trading software company, adding $100,000s to their monthly sales through web marketing (2001 – 2002)

- now working with a financial services company (sales figures are confidential)

- I’ve had plenty of ups and downs, and learned valuable lessons from them all

* * * * *

If You Sell A High-Profit-Margin Product
And Can Handle Increased Sales From Our Efforts,
Let’s Work Together!

Email Scott …

or phone 705 749 2225

or visit

Stop Being A “Lone Wolf” Netrepreneur

Have you spent the last few years studying every aspect of Internet Marketing and come up short?

If so, keep reading this message.

OK, so you know all about autoresponders, web sites, launches, blogs, social media, video, who the gurus are, how to find a niche, how to joint venture and set up an affiliate program, and yadda yadda yadda.

The problem may be that out of the (probably) $2,000 – $10,000 worth of books and courses and seminars and clubs you’ve paid for, most of it has indoctrinated you to go out and build your own marketing empire, to build a large heap of success then sit atop it.

As I see it, humbly, the problem is that this kind of goal is not a good psychological fit for most people.

As Frank Kern would say, maybe you think you want something, but you don’t REALLY want it because it has nothing to do with what your Core Identity REALLY wants/is.

What if you turned the tables?

What if you worked with SOMEONE ELSE, someone who is already successfully selling something (or a lot of things, or a professional service), but is not even close to using the Internet’s full potential for increasing their sales?

Well, if you did that, then product creation, fulfillment, and all the legal stuff, and a lot of testing, will already be done for you, won’t it? And all you’d have to do is ride in with your massive
online marketing skill set (which you probably underestimate) and help that business or person make even more money, and charge them a percentage of it.

Furthermore, you may find that working WITH a business is a more comfortable place for you, psychologically.

If it makes you MORE money with LESS time spent screwing around, chasing every new idea, then … that’s a GOOD thing … regardless of whether you’re “your own boss”.

Don’t let any success or marketing guru lead you to believe you’re a loser for not going it alone and commanding your own army of employees. Screw that.

One of my autoresponders …

Today’s message is for the professional or small business owner (or decision maker) who wants to implement their Internet marketing strategy “in house”, without outside help or paying consultants.

FIRST, consider whether this is the wisest way to go, in terms of efficiency, headaches, opportunity cost, time etc.

But if you DO have the in-house talent to implement a complete sales strategy, here’s what you do (I’m pretty sure I’ll be turning this into a free guide in pdf format, when I have the time).

1) Build or fix your web site. Easy to say, but in reality, takes an awful lot of know-how and work. Your site’s GOTTA be clean, easy to navigate, and allow quick and easy access to whatever you intend
the visitor to freely see. It could very well be in your best interests to simply have a blog, instead of a full-fledged web site. A blog is easier to maintain and add content to, for the non-techie.

I’ll put some examples of home page weaknesses and strengths on the blog as time progresses. Meanwhile, here are some more tidbits:

a) don’t waste valuable headline and benefit space on meaningless phrases

b) at every turn, differentiate yourself, and hit the visitor repeatedly with benefits

c) put up testimonials if you’ve got them, and make a video and put it up too – no excuses!

2) Create a list-building strategy

Offer people an incentive for people to join a mailing list – or subscribe to receive an email notice every time you add a blog post.

If you go the email list route, use to do it, and set up your series of automated email followup messages.

3) Paid advertising

Start with google adwords pay-per-click (PPC) – if you can’t make that work profitably, don’t try other forms of paid advertising – at least, not for a while.

Adwords is incredibly tricky. I recommend you get your help from Perry Marshall and/or Glenn Livingston, unless you or your employee is already skilled with Adwords.

4) SEO (search engine optimization) set-up and follow-up.

When your web site is ready for the public, it needs to be modified in an attempt to get good “organic” (non-paid) search engine listing position. This is another deep and tricky subject. I don’t know who to recommend on this right now.

5) Joint Ventures

How can you work with others who are in a very closely related business?

6) Sell, Sell, Sell

As you add blog posts, advertise, do email broadcasts and so on, keep it about content and offers that your readers are going to enjoy. Otherwise they stop visiting your site and reading your email. But at the same time – it all has to lead, one way or another, to increasing sales.

* * * * *

The good news is that since you’ve already got a small business or professional practice, you don’t need to worry about a lot of the things that other Internet marketers worry about, like

- niche selection
- creating a product
- figuring out pricing and offer
- order processing etc. (stuff your business already does)

You do, however, need to worry about how things are going to be done if you expand into selling on the Internet.

Make sure you’re doing it with the help of someone who’s studied online marketing extensively for at least a couple of years – not just someone who can throw a web site together for you.

I am having fun

I just wanted to make sure you all knew that.

How much fun?

I remember the good old days when you could put up some ads on google and take a few days to figure out for yourself what works, so that you could then use your own brain to eliminate or change most of the ads and keywords, and maybe some adgroups, and maybe add some new, more specific adgroups where warranted.

But with a new account I finally activated 2 days ago, after months of suspense, Google decided that my landing page sucked, that every keyword in all 6 adgroups was irrelevant (except for a couple), and that virtually all my ads are unacceptable.

Now what? Assume a new identity and start with a new domain name, and roll the dice again?

Or just limit myself to MSN and Yahoo where I won’t have a sock stuffed down my throat the minute I want to do some advertising?

I understand Google’s visitor quality experience values, however the account that I turned on is laser-focussed on a very specific software consulting marketplace. So are the keywords I chose, and the ads I designed.

The Return Of The (Banner Ad) King?

I get the feeling that I’m going to become a “go-to guy for graphic advertising” again, within a couple of years, much like I was around the turn of the millennium.

Back then, it was all about “banner ads”, and it was simple enough to adapt my strategies to skyscrapers, leaderboards, rectangle ads etc.

Right now, everyone gushes over the pure-text adwords system. It’s always the first thing I try for any business. It works on a relentless and monstrous scale for tens of thousands of advertisers.

The world is still full of useless and unproductive graphic ads of every size. Some of them you see thousands of times (eg., broker ads if you visit stock trading sites regularly).

In the past I discovered profitable and cheap banner advertising at quality sites. I still maintain most of those relationships.

BUT, most of the Big Media graphic advertising buys have to be done personally, through an Agent, for example with a newspaper or magazine’s web site. Not only is this AN IMMENSE PAIN IN THE ASS, but they also usually want you to spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS before anything even happens.

Meanwhile they’re ignoring the fact that Google is a multi-billion dollar juggernaut that has made most of its money by giving their clients FULL CONTROL over the pricing and placement of their own ads. You don’t have to wire somebody $5000 every time you have a new ad campaign to try. You can spend $5 a day if you want.

Sooner or later there has to be a waking-up from today’s sorry state of graphic advertising. Big Media tells you that you have to pay $20,000 – $50,000 for your banner ad to show up 1,000,000 times. Meanwhile, there’s NO WAY they’re selling out their inventory at that rate. They are dumping it, almost free, onto conglomerates who will fill that space with dancing monkey banners, and the like. They are dumped into the inventory of media companies that form out of nothingness and then buy each other out, in a never-ending cycle that’s been going on for 15 years.

Especially garbage-y is advertising for sale on teenage-targetted video game and ringtone and song lyrics sites. Don’t buy advertising there! “But it’s only .001 cents per impression” is NOT a valid reason.

Even on Google, via Adwords (but only on the content network, mind you), you can make graphic ads … BUT … they will be shown little, and probably get crappy results – because most AdSense vampires only have the text ad codes on their sites.

But I feel the day is coming when all this delicious, quality ad inventory that you and I are currently shut out of, will join the party, becoming rational and accessible.

When that DOES happen, you’ll pay reasonable ad rates, with no minimums, and there might even be a grace period where you are not hammered by Google-like campaign quality scores, landing page quality scores, keyword quality scores etc. You’ll pay per impression, or by click, and be done with it. Unless, of course, the upcoming revolution in graphic advertising is controlled by Google.

When that happens, I will experiment far beyond my years-old strategies, study the results, and make myself available once more as “The Banner Ad Guy”.

Everybody wins!

Every time you bang your head into a door, another one opens

So I’ve been spending weeks and weeks splitting and subdividing Awords campaigns (for 3 companies) into more and tighter adgroups, complicating the hell out of everything, because that is in fact the right way to do adwords.

But some of the things I want to sell are not being searched for in large numbers (or at all) by my markets.

Then I remembered that I once made my living entirely through banner advertising. (Later, skyscrapers and leaderboards, too.)

Use adwords to find the aspects of your market that go and SEARCH for things, in considerable numbers, on google. And then STOP.

If part or all of the market for what you sell is not a group of identifiable searchers, MOVE ON and look for DIFFERENT kinds of advertising. Look for where that group hangs out online, see if they sell advertising, and if they do, BUY it.

Adwords, plus all the free crap (squidoo, hub pages, social networks, articles, generating 1000s of horrible keyword salad pages), is NOT the only way to promote online.

Just like 10 years ago, the gurus aren’t telling you about graphic advertising. And there are untold thousands of web sites that sell it.

Example: One thing I want to sell is titanium dioxide nano-spray surface coating which, in the presence of UV (ultraviolet light), kills bacteria and viruses and turns the nastiest air pollution compounds into CO2 and water. Neat, huh?

Problem – there is NOT a group of people searching google for “antiviral nanospray” or “antibacterial coating” etc.


1) identify the market – private schools, hospitals, office buildings, airports, govt buildings, allergy sufferers’ homes

2) search google for advertising +[keyword] +administrator or manager

Voila. This leads me straight to web sites that sell advertising that reaches decision makers. Even though they are unaware of the product, and therefore are not searching for it, I can simply pay for the privilege of PUTTING IT IN THEIR FACE with some bold pain and pleasure triggers.

And when I buy graphic advertising on a web site, I do not have to be feverishly consumed until 3 am with such topics as campaign quality score, landing page quality score, and ad group quality score.