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PDF – A proposal that marketers can use to team up with small business owners

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Frustrated internet marketers can finally turn their skills into a livelihood

Step 1 – you find a suitable professional or business to work with. We are also continually making efforts to find suitable businesses who need people like you. When I find suitable marketer-business pairs, I will match them up.

Step 2 – we encourage and help you along the path to building that business a solid start-to-finish web presence to create sales. 80% of the commissions earned from that business go to you, the other 20% to us.

Only highly motivated persons need apply. And if you’ve been studying Internet marketing for years and years and don’t have enough success to show for it, that might make you the PERFECT candidate, as opposed to being a reason not to work with us.

The Mentoring Program is the inverse of the Partnership Program – if YOU find and introduce me to a business that I, Scott Covert will personally want to work with as their do-it-all Internet marketing department, I will pay you 20% of whatever commissions I earn working for that company. Such a company would need to have healthy profit margins and the capacity to handle more orders.

The Pep Talk

You’ve spent 1000s of hours learning to create copy, autoresponders, web sites, ebooks, articles and social media content. You know all about affiliate programs, JVs, etc. etc. You’re subjected daily to a barrage of emails launching new products and telling you about new tools, strategies, software, training and seminars. You try to keep up with social marketing, video marketing, blog marketing, etc. etc. etc.

Never-ending learning curves, competition and information overload will fry your brain.

FINALLY, all of your skills can be put to use with more focus and efficiency, and you can actually start earning a living …

Start Working With “Real Life” Small Businesses That DESPERATELY Need People With Your Exact Skills!
(This is exactly what I’ve been doing for 12 years)

Stop doing what everyone else is doing.

Sign up to earn commission-based income by creating online marketing systems for small businesses … you get 1) my 12 years of experience (and my phone # and email), 2) the “Partnership Proposal” pdf, 3) notification of new business-partnering tools and blog posts.

Stop Learning And Start DOING! Chances are, you ALREADY have the know-how to help a small business succeed online!

You DON’T need “just one more” seminar, system, trick, or technique to be a successful online marketer!

I don’t have an “Internet empire” but I’ve created Internet marketing systems for 3 businesses, that generated a total of over $12 million of added sales for them … and I ALWAYS get paid on commission – no salary!

Marketers Signup …

Join G.Y.P.O. for free and we’ll help you work with “real” offline businesses that could benefit from your skills.

We are actively seeking businesses who would like help from an experienced marketer.

We will also provide you tools to find and work with businesses by yourself, and we have a mentoring program to help you with strategy, copy writing, research, emotional and psychological obstacles, negotiation etc.




Tell us a little about the products and sites you’ve created or been involved with, and the skills you have (copy writing, web design, JVs etc.):

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