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Business Signup Page (Start the process of working with us)

Wanted: Fully operational businesses to partner with me

The Goal: To implement a complete start-to-finish Internet marketing system to grow your sales

The Requirements: You must already be running a business that meets our criteria (see below)

Cost To You: $0 for my service, and possibly $100 for testing ads on google

What’s In It For Us?: We work on commission, so we only get paid IF we help you make more money

We do ALL of the online marketing work.

YOU just prepare for more sales.

Since 1999, 3 of the partners I’ve worked with have enjoyed over $1 million in added revenues as a result of bringing them online and implementing a complete web sales process.

If your product is unique enough and high-profit enough, phone me (Scott) at 705 749 2225 or email me to see if we can work together. I only get paid on commission, from the increased sales I bring you via the web.

We will also be approaching businesses that WE select, based on profit margins, uniqueness, ethics (green, alternative energy, etc.), future growth prospects (new technologies and trends), or any other “edge” that leads us to believe we can be successful.

If you are here because we have approached you, please take the time to read this page carefully.

Here are some examples of what a company could say to me that would make me consider working with them immediately…

  • we install residential geothermal heating/cooling packages for less than any other company in Ontario/America/Canada/Pittsburgh
  • we are the only company that installs the revolutionary solar panel that is efficient enough to pay for itself in 3 years
  • we are the only private-sector company that the government allows to profit from organ transplants
  • we are the only insurance company in the world that offers 100% coverage of hospital-caused infections
  • we are the only plastic surgery practice that offers stem cell-based skin transplants
  • we have a kit with a complete instruction booklet that tells people how to run their cars on 25% gas and 75% water
  • we are one of only 3 Canadian companies that sell a complete range of spectroscopy and chromatography supplies

You see? I’m looking for a strongly desired product or service, where I either 1) have no competition or 2) believe that I can easily out-market them online.

Need more clarity? Below are some examples of what I can’t work with, not because it’s anything personal, but because the competition is too intense online, or income is too dependent on the hard work of a single individual, or there’s just not enough possible profit in it for me

  • any sort of “health and wellness” pills, capsules, lotions, cleanses and so on
  • anything mlm / network marketing
  • accountant / dentist / plumber / computer technician / insurance salesperson / financial advisor – anyone who’s income is limited by the amount of hours they themselves can work
  • people who don’t have anything for sale but “have a great idea” (there are exceptions to this one)

There may be exceptions to the above if you’ve got something REALLY unique going on.

What is this “competitive advantage” I’m talking about?

There are still plenty of online markets that have not been exposed to the advertising process used by the top Internet marketers. Instead, all they’ve seen is “home pages” that offer no time-limited bonuses or freebies, no (or very weak) name-and-email collection, no (or very weak) email followup, no special promotions, no one-time offers, no cross-sells, no upsells, no videos, etc. Visitors see those web sites, look around, say “hmm”, then leave, resulting in an incredibly low income-per-visitor figure.

My intention is to waltz into under-marketed areas and dominate them … by helping you to be the first business (global or local, product or service) to hit that market with intensity.

What we will do for you …

  • create and manage all the advertising and marketing
  • build a simple web site for you, or ask you to make small additions or changes to your existing site
  • target specific geographic region(s), if needed
  • we are paid only based on a % of your increased business
  • use the new Web 2.0 tools – Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Myspace and more
  • find people who are searching right now for what you sell
  • find your market’s “online hang-outs” and advertise there
  • use our 12 years of experience to convert prospects to buyers

Your only expense will be advertising; we can begin at google for $100 then determine if we want to
continue to pay for advertising, or to only continue with free methods. I’ll pay for advertising myself if I think we’ve got a rosy future together.

If You Sell A High-Profit-Margin Product
And Can Handle Increased Sales From Our Efforts,
Let’s Work Together!

Email Scott … or phone 705 749 2225.

Partners And Clients From My Past (some will be familiar to Internet veterans).

  • Corey Rudl – carsecrets and several other sites
  • Marlon Sanders – actiongrid, amazingformula, higherresponse, pushbuttonsalesletters and more
  • (Patrick Anderson, Declan Dunn)
  • Mark Joyner
  • Mike Litman
  • Mike Chen (
  • and lots more

If you are a suitable business partner, we will work with you ourselves, or attempt to find a suitable experienced marketer to work for you.

If you are not a suitable partner for us, yes, you can still hire our team members on a piecework basis (or we can refer you to the best outside professionals) …

  • video – marketing and scripting guidance, editing, filming (in some cases), integration into youtube and other social marketing sites – $500 + $25 per minute if video is over 5 minutes
  • social marketing support – facebook and myspace site creation, youtube channel creation, blog posting, with followup comments and posts (to maintain and boost search engine ranking), cross-linking etc. – price depends on scope of job, generally about $25/hr
  • web site creation … basic site $500 + $100 each additional page, includes use of good web marketing principles
  • online marketing consultation … well, that’ll cost you
  • remember, this stuff is free if you become our partner

Business Owners Signup …

Join G.Y.P.O. for free and we’ll help you work with an experienced Internet marketer to generate leads, customers and higher revenue for your business, all online.

To qualify, your business’s profit margins (and ability to handle increased orders) must be high enough to properly compensate a commission-only Internet marketer.




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