Scott Covert Short Business Biography


In 1990 I was fresh out of college and experienced 7 years of hits and misses, mostly misses.

I got my real start in 1998 helping a new business owner selling a stock trading strategy package to get his business off the ground. Within a year it had turned into a 5-figures-per-month business. After a couple of years he took his business primarily offline and started intensively direct mailing (not my focus of expertise). Please understand that this screen shot is from 2001.

Here’s my (very old) site, and my previous claim to fame, the site, from the late 1990′s to early 2000′s.

In 2001 I did some work for a commodities trading strategy and software business, which immediately began adding over $200,000 per month to its gross income due to the advertising programs I created. Eventually they wanted me and my partner in California to actually move to Florida and work in their offices to justify our commissions. We said no. I can’t find out the lead generation page we created for them in 2002 but here is their 2005 home page.

From 2003 to 2007 I worked for a Canadian financial services company and helped it to generate an additional $1.5 million per year in revenues.

In a nutshell, for the last 16 years every dollar I’ve made has been a result of setting up Internet lead generation and followup systems and building income.

My more recent businesses are …

(Scott lives in Ontario, Canada with his wife Heather and silky terrier Mango).